What is Agripa

Agripa at Gardners

When you’re looking to promote your company’s message, services or latest products through visual advertising, you want to ensure that any money you spend is cost-effective but is also highly detectable to ensure that it is seen by your target audience. That’s where our Agripa product can come in. Agripa can help spread the word of your business using media space that you might already have available to you on your fleet vehicles – perfect for local authorities, supermarkets and other retailers. If you’re looking for a way to utilise your placements, here’s how Agripa can benefit you.


What is Agripa?

Our Agripa product is a beautifully simple, practical service that saves our fleet clients thousands of hours of road time when compared to the vinyl-trailer dressing alternative. With 100% safety record, our 24-hour installation and banner change overs ensure that there is zero fleet disruption, meaning that business services aren’t compromised. Throughout a single weekend, we are able to change hundreds of vehicles, UK-wide to create a unified marketing message. Also, we’re able to promise zero damage to vehicles thanks to our re-fastenable tape so you don’t have to worry about your fleet being spoilt.


Who have we worked with?

We’ve currently worked with over 130 local authority organisations in the UK to improve awareness of campaigns and key messages targeted at residents on their doorsteps every day that have been proven to increase civilian support. We have also worked with some of the UK’s best-known supermarkets to utilise the media space that they already have at their fingertips to promote offers and new products to drive sales and conversions. However, our services are also suitable for other retailers UK-wide.


What are the benefits?

The nature of Agripa’s easy change solution means that installation is made simple so that you can get creative with your space. For example, frames and banners can be quickly installed at height or ground level to suit client needs and can be replaced efficiently, meaning that your fleet never has to be off the road. Also, due to the simple method of installation, this minimises costs for clients, saving you both time and money, whilst promoting adverts on vehicles that are already yours.


Agripa is certainly a practical solution for fleet advertising requirements with minimal fuss, time and cost, making it a very beneficial service for retail and local authority clients. For more information about Agripa or to get a quote for your fleet, contact a member of our team today on: info@gardners.co.uk