The brief.

The pandemic impacted organisations across the globe, and one of the sectors most affected was the charity sector. Traditional fundraising efforts were put on hold, and charities had to become more creative to engage supporters at home who were feeling the impact of COVID-19. There was also the added challenge of furlough, which meant that supporters had less disposable income available to donate to worthy campaigns. That’s why Coles Funeral Directors chose to set up a campaign called #CreateShareRemember in aid of Cardiff-based charity, City Hospice. The campaign encouraged members of the Cardiff community to donate to the charity while sharing a treasured memory which would form part of a unique collage called the Bigger Picture by local artist Nathan Wyburn. Gardners was recruited to supply small format promotional materials to support fundraising efforts and was also tasked with installing the large format Bigger Picture in Bute Park – taking the campaign from small to large, format.

The process.

To support initial promotional efforts, Coles Funeral Directors wanted to create a series of campaign materials that would reach donors and raise awareness amongst the wider community. As such, the client wanted to produce postcards that could be sent to donors with a thank you from the team and more information about the artwork unveiling, as well as posters that could be used in City Hospice stores around the city to promote the campaign and encourage donations. With a variety of sizes including A6 350 gsm postcards, 150 gsm A5 leaflets and 250 gsm A3 posters, the collateral was printed using Gardners’ recently installed HP Indigo. With LEP print technology and a range of compatible weights and substrates the HP Indigo was the perfect print technology for a vibrant, consistent campaign.

The installation.

While the small format materials were provided to Coles Funeral Directors and City Hospice for their own distribution, Gardners was responsible for installing the Bigger Picture graphic in its outdoor location in Bute Park. Starting with a site recce we soon established that we couldn’t drill directly into the wall because of its age and aesthetic. Instead, the team identified that the artwork would need to be screwed into the mortar so that the wall could be returned to its original state when the project was removed. On installation day – one day ahead of the launch event – two team members were on site to perform the install. Taking just two hours from start to finish, the artwork was flush to the wall for health and safety, taking pride of place in one of Cardiff’s most prestigious parks.

The results.

The artwork was revealed the following day with representatives from Coles Funeral Directors, City Hospice, and members of the public in attendance. Over £4,000 was raised for the charity as part of this campaign, helping City Hospice to provide community palliative care to patients living in Cardiff diagnosed with Cancer, Dementia, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and other life-limiting illnesses.

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