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Small Format Printing.

One of the most impactful, striking ways to engage people in your brand is through print. Despite the rise of digital technologies and online marketing, the depth of connection made when someone interacts with a well created, tangible piece of print, is hard to beat. Print not only remains a strong component of the marketing mix in its own right, but savvy-marketeers are using it to cleverly reinforce and amplify online campaigns and experiences. Using the latest in small format print technology in the shape of HP’s Indigo solution, we help customers create stand-out campaigns, maximising results and return on investment from marketing spend.

What our small-format print can do for you

Using HP’s unique Indigo Liquid Electro Photography (LEP) technology, we are now able to provide our customers with the largest variety of colours and spot inks that digital printing has ever seen. Scientifically engineered for razor sharp accuracy – commercial advantage can also be gained due to the quality of print the Indigo technology can achieve. The unique electronic ink is applied in direct contact at every step of the process, meaning the results are unsurpassed.

What services can we offer?

Due to the sophistication of Indigo’s LEP technology, the possibilities really are endless in terms of making the most innovative creative ideas and campaigns come to life. The finish and formats available are vast, with access to the widest ink portfolio to match the specific requirements of each brand or execution available. Transparent, digital matte, fluorescent glow in the dark, vivids, invisible Red, and metallics are just some of the effects that can be successfully created.

The unique Liquid Electro Photography (LEP) technology means that a raft of media types can be successfully printed on. With the ability to use the widest variety of substrates currently available in digital print.

As well as conventional formats, we can also print:

  • cards
  • booklets
  • lay flat books
  • calendars
  • business cards
  • scratch off cards
  • security print
  • wall posters
  • thick substrate
  • wrapping paper
  • direct mail
  • books
  • magazines
  • heat transfer application
  • branded luggage
  • packaging
  • plastic cards
  • coasters
  • door hangers
  • coffee table & art books

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