Greener Spaces.

A clean technology to improve air and banner quality

What is ReActivair?

ReActivair is a ‘pollution eating’ specialty coating powered by Pureti, that can be used on a wide range of print applications to significantly improve air quality, while also keeping the surface cleaner for longer.


How does ReActivair work?

Our ReActivair coating, which is made of naturally occurring minerals, as opposed to harmful chemicals, purifies air by using energy from natural sunlight to breakdown harmful pollutants and odour molecules in the air.

When sunlight hits the ReActivair coating, it prompts a series of reactions taking humidity and oxygen from the air turning them into cleaning agents that scrub the air of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and Nitrious oxides (NOx), also known as smog.

If you could clean the air – Why wouldn’t you?

We believe that everyone deserves to breathe clean air and are committed to improving the green credentials of our industry. ReActivair is one of the many initiatives we are delivering to positively impact climate change. So, we’d like to ask you – if you could clean the air by coating your print, why wouldn’t you?

Investing in this air-purifying technology is minimal when the benefits are so great – from out of home print applications including building wraps, backlights and rail and roadside billboards to fleet graphics, ReActivair, can convert a range of outdoor assets into strategically placed air purifiers…we can all play our part in creating cleaner air for everyone.

So how much of a difference could ReActivair make?

Results from Sheffield University show 1 square coated meter can take out about 2 g of NOx per day. So, a banner (c.50m2) can reverse the effects of the pollution created from a bus or about 20 cars every single day.

It is estimated that for 10 RGV vehicle livery coated with ReActivair can offset the air pollution of 1 truck


The number of people who die each year from exposure to ambient (outdoor) air pollution.


Percentage of people exposed to air quality levels that exceed WHO guideline limits.

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