Social Distancing

As we all continue to navigate the health implications, societal and economic impact as well as the wider uncertainty that COVID 19 brings, one thing must remain clear and stay front of mind with everyone stay safe and practice life saving social distancing measures.


As some organisations and schools start to re-open we know that social distancing measures are key to ensuring everyones safety, paving the way for wider societal reintegration to avoid another spike of COVID 19.


We all need to do our part to try and support behaviour change and social distancing measures and we have learnt a lot in a short space of time working with multiple grocer and brands providing frontline support. So we thought we would share product ideas and initiatives that we know are currently playing a big part in terms of communications and creating safer spaces. We hope that this will help get you thinking and planning ahead to what your future spaces could look like and the tools and measures we can help you put in place to safeguard your team, the community and your business. ¬†From office space, retail stores, public realm navigation and schools, right through to outdoor messaging and transportation – we’ve got you covered.

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