Safer spaces, safer office experiences

As businesses prepare for post lockdown ‘normality’ and a return to the workplace, one thing remains front of mind for all employers – the safety of their team. Many are unsure of how to effectively reintroduce teams into the office environment, particularly when social distancing measures are predicted to remain in place until the end of 2020 to avoid another spike in cases. However, Gardners has been working with leading UK organisations to find the solution and to create safer office spaces, starting with Tesco.

Over the past few months, Tesco has worked tirelessly to support the public in its 3,400 stores across the UK with thousands of creative print graphics produced by Gardners to encourage government-advised social distancing measures. This has allowed shoppers to access their essential supplies while Tesco protects its team and essentially, the supermarket has helped to feed the nation, something that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

But more recently, the supermarket turned its attention to its head office to help its team navigate its return to the office environment as lockdown restrictions begin to lift. Of its 18 buildings, 12 saw installations across 57 floors. This included 12 receptions, eight restaurants, 15 coffee bars, 11,771 desks, equating to 23,473 floor graphics in total – not a small feat by any means. However, this new collateral aims to encourage and enforce social distancing approaches, as well as keeping hygiene at the forefront with consistent reminders of best practice measures (cue the Happy Birthday song or a 20 second timer). Although government guidelines may not insist that workers keep 2m apart at all times as reintroduction policies are officially implemented over the coming weeks, Team Gardners has worked alongside Tesco to go above and beyond to introduce heightened safety procedures for office personnel.

Speaking of the installations James Morris, sales director at Gardners said: “Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, Tesco has demonstrated an incredible commitment to social distancing measures for its team – in-store and beyond – and its customers, putting safety at the heart of operations at a time when it’s been critical.

“Gardners is proud to support the Tesco initiative, helping to keep the British public safe. We all have a role to play during this pandemic to help reduce the spread and to prevent a second outbreak, and we believe that these measures will help to better implement government social distancing regulations as many prepare for a return to their pre-lockdown routines. It’s something that Gardners has already introduced at our own premises, and we are proud to support our clients in doing the same.”

We have a variety of creative print solutions available and can tailor our approach to your specific needs. So, if you’d like to speak to our team about creating safer office spaces for your organisation, get in touch today: