Introducing our air purifying range, ReactivAir

We’re pleased to announce that this week, Gardners has launched our revolutionary air purifying print range, ReactivAir.

With the ability to be used on a wide range of print applications, ReactivAir is a ‘pollution eating’ speciality coating powered by PureTi. Developed by NASA scientists, it is made from naturally occurring materials and it purifies the air by using energy from natural sunlight to breakdown harmful pollutants and odour molecules in the air surrounding the area.

Now, as of July 2020, we’re making this technology readily available to our clients for the first time and for those living in urban or highly polluted areas, we believe this development could be game-changing. After all, in January 2020, research from the Guardian highlighted that more than one in 19 deaths in the UK’s largest towns and cities linked to exposure to toxic areas and the World Health Organisation reported that 4.2million people die each year from exposure to outdoor air pollution. However, we believe that this innovative technology will work to help combat this issue and will pave the way for print of the future.

Richard Courtney managing director at Gardners explains: “We’re excited to be launching the ReactivAir range this summer and it’s something that has been a long time in the making. We’ve been working closely with trusted partners to help make this a reality over the last year as we continue to focus on our green credentials as a business.

“We feel very passionate about this product because we believe that if you could clean the air, why wouldn’t you? We are looking forward to rolling this out for our clients over the coming months and seeing ReactivAir in action.”

Results from Sheffield University show 1 square meter of ReactivAir can take out about 2 g of NOx per day. This means that a single banner can remove the pollution generated from a bus or about 20 cars every single day.

“We want to reframe the perceptions of the print industry and the impact it has on the environment, and ReactivAir represents just one of a few initiatives that Gardners is determined to deliver. We’ve already introduced more sustainable options, including our double-sided livery and recycled print materials and will continue to be adaptable to meet the needs of the environment and our clients.”

ReactivAir also helps to retain and protect banner quality, ensuring it lasts longer than ever before, regardless of the placement. When sunlight hits the ReactivAir coating, its prompts a series of reactions taking humidity and oxygen from the air turning them into cleaning agents that scrub the air of volatile organic compounds and nitrous oxides, better known as smog.

Our ReactivAir range is now available. So for more information, to speak to our team or to receive a bespoke quote, contact: