Making an impact with property at Royal House, Covent Garden


This first covent garden living wall vertical park at the gateway to Covent Garden is formed of over 8,000 plants from 21 different varieties and provides a real wow factor to the area and is in keeping with the history of Covent Garden.

The brief.

Gardners was recruited to print a show-stopping building wrap ahead of its installation at the busy Covent Garden junction of James Street and Long Acre at Regal House. In preparation for an iconic living wall installation over an area of 800square metres, the purpose of this project was to improve the building’s aesthetics and grab the attention of passers-by. Set in a prime location directly facing Covent Garden Underground station, this transformation would greet hundreds of thousands of commuters and tourists, providing the organisation with a prime platform to promote its messaging during this interim period, while also maximising commercial opportunities. Overall, our client was looking for a supplier that would deliver a high quality building wrap to help make and impact and create a memorable experience to reinforce brand recognition as well as garner a positive reception from audiences with a sneak peak of what was to come in the lead up to the unveiling of the living wall.

The process.

In line with the upcoming shrubbery installation, early planning stages helped to identify the opportunity to provide a design preview for what was to come in the area. As such, the building wrap and its design needed to be natural-looking in line with the green initiative to create a ‘vertical park’ and to truly make an impact and a lasting impression. Our team helped shape the project from planning through to installation, ensuring that the design was printed and installed to an impeccable standard on robust, weather-resistant material to withstand ever-changing British weather.

The installation.

Given its location, installation had to be completed quickly on this project and required permission from Westminster Council to install the work during engineering hours, between 11pm – 7am to minimise disruption. Scaffolding materials for additional structural support were utilised to secure the banner that weighed nearly 400kg. The installation was completed in just eight hours.

The results.

Technical expertise and a thorough understanding of the brief and environment was key to the success of the project. It meant that not only was print quality of the highest standard but that the materials utilised ensured longevity while the living wall that is now home to over 8,000 plants was being installed. The installation certainly had the ‘Wow factor’ ahead of the big reveal and aligned with Covent Garden’s colourful past as a flower market. From improved aesthetics in the short term to increased awareness overall, the building wrap certainly made the right impact.