Building successful retail campaigns

Retail is an increasingly competitive market, especially as it’s becoming more highly saturated with many brands competing for customer loyalty and spend. So to truly help to influence customer behaviour and purchasing decisions, you should be looking to grab customer attention and one way to do this is to showcase beautiful creative campaigns both in-store and through exterior platforms. This is where print collateral can prove pivotal and for this week’s blog, we’re explaining how to build successful retail solutions which create tangible results.


Regularly update content

Research shows that Brits would rather shop around to find the best prices rather than prioritise brand loyalty if they feel they aren’t getting the best offer. Yet, regularly updating brand content and messaging can help to promote seasonal offers, campaigns or messages and allow your brand to stay at the forefront for your audience. This messaging can also help to grow a more loyal audience. 77% of the population are members of a loyalty programme and this can be pushed through in store marketing to help you gather better audience insight, data to increase the likelihood that they will continue to shop with you.


Simplify your messaging

For messages to be truly effective, they need to be simple and easy to understand. Often, retailers will want to bombard potential customers with a range of key messages, which can sometimes be information overload. But in order to have a successful campaign with true impact, retailers will need to showcase print that is eye-catching to reach the higher turnover of traffic passing any exterior sign or in-store print. Inc recently reported that the most effective marketing campaigns get to the point quickly, so this should be an essential consideration for any creative showcased.


Influence purchasing decisions

Experience tells us that impactful print and point of sale campaigns can have a significant effect on sales. That’s why physical stores remain important, despite the influx of online stores. It’s also why eight out of 10 marketers ranked point of sale (POS) as the most influential marketing channel for influencing shopper purchasing decisions as it contributes to the customer experience as a whole and encourages impulsive purchases. Therefore, you should carefully consider the print materials you choose to place at POS and continuously measure how they impact your sales targets.


Choose your trusted print provider

Above all, whatever you produce must be high-quality. After all, you’ll want it to match the aesthetics of your store and it’s a representation of your business. This is why you should choose a print provider that you can trust, who will deliver work to a high standard, on time. This is where Gardners can help. From the car park to the shelf, we’ve worked with a range of retail brands over the past four decades, including Tesco and B&Q. Thanks to our experience, we operate with the expert knowledge to help you bring your creativity to life.


Print is an essential component of any retail marketing activity and can truly help to elevate brands above their competitors in terms of both in-store experience and overall customer awareness. Over the last 40 years, we’ve helped retail brands maximise their campaigns by utilising the opportunities that print brings, thanks to the expert knowledge of our team. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that we create tailored campaigns that add value whether it’s for in-store of exterior use. If you’d like to speak to us about your retail print requirements, get in touch today on 02920 547 100 or email us at