Are you making the most of your owned fleet advertising/space?

As audiences are always on the go and third party media space is becoming increasingly expensive, finding the right platform to promote organisational messages with optimum exposure can prove ever-more challenging. However, fleet space can be an incredibly useful (and lucrative) tool for a range of organisations including local authorities or retailers to promote messages or campaigns in a relatively inexpensive and efficient manner. From commercial vehicles to home shopping and delivery fleets, there will always be a solution available. The existence of ad van marketing in the OOH market only goes to prove the benefits of fleet advertising which is why we’re discussing the benefits of fleet transformations for this week’s blog.

A growing audience

The number of people on UK roads grows annually and according to the Department of Transport, there were over 37 million registered vehicles on the road at the end of June 2018. UK drivers are now spending more time in their cars, racking up an average of 20 hours behind the wheel each week, which is a 31% increase since 2003. This equates to a grand total of a month and a half travel time per year and a lot of time on busy roads with other vehicles. Considering these stats, in heavy traffic areas, like London or other major cities, vehicles can be viewed by more than 3,000 potential customers per hour. This suggests that cost per 100 impressions could be as low as 4p, depending on the branding solution you choose. However, regardless of your installation choice, these figures are a prime example of why you should always be advertising where your audience is looking.

A cost-effective solution

In 2016, out of home ad revenues grew by 4.5% to £1.1billion, showcasing that outdoor advertising continues to thrive. Although this is great news on the one hand, it can be a daunting figure for those who do not have/have a limited budget to spend on outdoor advertising space but want to compete with those that do. In comparison to this, fleet space is most often owned by the organisation, making it a much cheaper solution to promote messages. It allows you to also take back control of your media space, deciding when print collateral needs to be changed in order to align with overarching marketing messages or campaigns without any complications.

Change messages quickly

One of the major benefits of using your own fleet media space is that you can change messages quickly and efficiently, especially with the Gardners bespoke Agripa system. Attaching messages to the side of vehicles with minimal hassle, Agripa saves our fleet clients thousands of pounds each year as it causes zero damage to vehicles, therefore protecting its re-sale value. Once the frames are on, the banner changing process can be completed in a matter of minutes, meaning you fleet vehicles are never holding up critical distribution.

At Gardners, we believe that fleet space can be an essential resource. Not only can it open your organisation up to a wider audience as they go about their day, but it can be an efficient, cost-effective solution that will have a true impact on your bottom line and communications. So, if you’re considering utilising your owned fleet space, then why not partner with us? We can work with artwork that you supply or manage the project from start to finish, so speak to a member of our fleet team today to discuss your requirements